Incredible Things Happen

✨When women support each other incredible things happen. ✨

Doing this shoot was nothing less than spectacular. It took a tribe of women to make this shoot happen, from our lash techs, makeup artists, the visionary who organized all things for the shoot, the photographers and the models! When the shoot was happening. YOU SHOULD OF SEEN THE ENERGY. All us women felt strong and empowered. It was one of the coolest experiences we have been apart of! And it was all for our new brand! Thank you to each woman who was hand picked by our founder Kim Newsted to create such a fabulous environment to show that in a field filled by women we can all cheer on and support one another💪🏼. There is room for all of us to be successful!
Lashes: @lashloungelloydminster
MUA: @courtney.gbig
Photography: @noycephotography
Models: @nutingnak87 @maceyafseth & @astridnyame