Feather Light Lashes is a premium lash extension supplier owned and operated by the dynamic mother and daughter duo Kim & Keyara.

In 2015 Kim and Keyara had a vision of creating a high-end lash line along with educational services for current and future lash artists. Both being lash artists themselves, they knew the quality of products and services they wanted to offer. Both felt they could offer a luxury product to allow Lash Artists to work with ease and elevate their lash practice from start to finish.

After countless hours of trials, sampling, and testing, the most fabulous luxury lash product line launched in Dec 2019. Not only do they want to be known for top quality, but they also pride themselves on providing amazing customer service and are always willing to go above and beyond for all their clients. Kim and Keyara take pride in helping all Lash Artists in the industry succeed on whatever path they choose.

Kim and Keyara are passionate about their customers and want them to know that they are always there for them. They are Lash Artists truly empowering fellow Lash Artists; at Feather Light Lashes there is no competition, there is only a community.

Products With Passion

Our passion is to help every lash artist in the industry achieve the ultimate results in applications, connecting with clients, filling their appointment books, taking away any self doubt, and erase that ego playing in their head.

Our purpose is to empower lash artists and help them to achieve all their goals and dreams.


Kim Newsted is the Founder of Feather Light Lashes and the owner of The Lash Lounge Lloydminster.

Kim has worked in the lash industry since 2012 and cannot get enough of all things lashes! Kim is passionate about ongoing learning and staying at the forefront of leading beauty trends and has earned 12 certificates from top lash masters from all around the world. In 2017, Kim was approached by My Brand Lashes to join their team as their Canadian Distributor. It was in this role where Kim discovered her passion for lash extension products. Passionate about ongoing learning, Kim loves to attend lash conferences around the world, where she can connect with like-minded people and fuel her passion for the lash industry. Kim is always open-minded and incredibly dedicated to providing only the best lash extension products in the industry.

When Kim is not doing lashes and filling packages with love, you can find her spending quality time with her incredible family. Kim enjoys her cabin at the lake, surfing, golfing, hanging with friends, downhill skiing, working out, traveling the world, and being a Gaga to two amazing granddaughters. Kim also loves to learn all things spiritual, the vibrations of the world, reiki, manifesting, meditation, angel card reading, and all things Tony Robbins. She loves to learn anything about self-growth. Her motto is "Knowledge is Power."

Kim always works to bring more to her business and strives to uplift and support everyone that walks into her life. 

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Keyara Grassl is the Co-Founder of Feather Light Lashes and is a huge Lash Lover! And by that, she doesn’t mean she likes doing Lashes; Keyara is obsessed with all things lashes, from product to technique, her amazing clients, to witnessing the evolution of the lash industry.

Keyara started her lash career in 2014 and has been dedicated to developing her skills since. Keyera has taken 4 lash courses and attended 2 Global Lash Summits, as well as won 2nd place in the Global Lash Summit competition. Her education background consists of; My Brand Lashes, Eyeluzions, Lush Eyes, and Lash Box LA. The best education she got was from working along side her mom, Kim. Starting her lash career working beside someone so passionate and dedicated to using the ultimate lash products and proper education made Keyara the lash artist and educator that  she is today.

When Keyara isn’t testing out the latest lash techniques and Feather Light's products you can find her spending quality time with her wonderful husband and their two daughters.  And by quality time, that sometimes means allowing her daughter to “play lashes” on mama. Anything to do with quality time with the loved ones is what truly fills Keyara’s cup.

Keyara feels blessed to have found her passion in lashing and hopes to inspire others to find theirs and to chase their dreams. “Find your niche, find your passion and push yourself to reach those dreams, you got this!”

she flies with her own wings...
never give up on your dreams.

Feather Light Lashes

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