UV Lamp & Adhesive COMBO


Kickstart your lash extension services with the SunRay Starter Kit, the ultimate duo for lash professionals. This kit combines our top-tier SunRay UV-Cured Eyelash Extension Adhesive with a high-performance UV Lamp, designed to optimize and expedite your lash application process. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists, this combo pack is your gateway to flawless, long-lasting eyelash extensions.

**Key Features:**

- **SunRay UV-Cured Adhesive:** Fast-curing under UV light, our adhesive ensures a secure bond and exceptional durability, lasting up to 8 weeks.
- **Professional UV Lamp:** Specially engineered to work with SunRay Adhesive, the lamp speeds up the curing process, allowing for efficient and effective lash application.
- **Savings Offer:** Enjoy a $35 savings with this combo kit, making it an affordable option for those new to UV-cured applications or looking to upgrade their lash extension toolkit.
- **Low Irritation & High Precision:** The adhesive's low-fume formula is perfect for sensitive clients, while the lamp’s targeted light beam ensures precise curing without waste or discomfort.
- **Water and Sweat Resistant:** Ensures that your clients can enjoy their beautiful lashes with confidence, regardless of their lifestyle.

The SunRay Starter Kit is not just about providing the essentials; it's about enhancing the quality and efficiency of your lash extension applications. With immediate savings and professional-grade tools, set yourself up for success and ensure that every lash application is nothing short of perfect.

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