Aurora Pro


Aurora is specially formulated with ZERO CYANOACRYLATE.  

Aurora Pro Adhesive is a serious a game changer and will level up your lash game ! Named after the Northern Light because its MAGICAL.


For Best Results:  Shake vigorously for 1 minute before each drop as the adhesive will separate when settled.  If this is not done the first drop will be extremely concentrated and can cause irritation.  We recommend shaking between each drop to ensure proper mixture.

Usage Tip: Aurora Pro Adhesive is better suited for advanced-level Artists. .  You must first isolate the natural lash, or the adhesive will dry too quickly and not adhering properly.

There is no other adhesive like this on the market. 

  • Cure time: .5 sec
  • Fumes/Odor: None or minimal
  • Shelf Life: 2 months open, 10 months sealed and frozen in freezer 
  • Added Benefit: Oil and water-resistant formula
  • Ideal Humidity: 25 - 55% 
  • ideal room Temp 18-22 
  • Flexible Structure, Extended Bond
  • Size: 7 ml
  • Formulated with Zero Cyanoacrylate made of Poly 




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