Fearless Tweezer • Micro-Gem


#1 Selling Volume Tweezer!

Our Micro-Gem Tweezers have a specially formulated coating giving you the ultimate grip. Never lose a lash again! From isolation, to fan making, to removing a lash extension these tweezers allow you to speed up your lash sets from beginning to end. No need to worry about finding the "sweet spot" on your tweezers again

A few things this Tweezer is great for:

  • Making Volume Lashes (the best of the best actually!)
  • Specific Mega Volume Techniques
  • Supporting sorting through lashes during isolation

Fearless: is the ability not to be afraid and ready to take on what is sent your way. To overcome any challenge by facing it head-on and to get that dream of anything you want. Sometimes we allow the fear ego in our head to hold us back from getting what we want and deserve. We need to remind ourselves to turn that demon off in our head, release it and free ourselves. GO FOR IT. You deserve to have the life you've always dreamed of. Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams, and live the life you imagined.

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