Patience Tweezer • Micro-Gem


Our Micro-Gem Tweezers have a specially formulated coating giving you the ultimate grip. Never lose a lash again! From isolation, to fan making, to removing a lash extension these tweezers allow you to speed up your lash sets from beginning to end. No need to worry about finding the "sweet spot" on your tweezers again.

A few things this Tweezer is great for:

  • Isolation
  • Lash Removal

Patience: One of the key elements to success is patience. Whether you're a new Lash Artist or you or reminiscing on the first time you picked up your isolating tweezers at the start of your lash career the patience we found, the deep breaths we took, the way we popped out our tongue and held our head a different way thinking it would make it easier for us (just like how we open our mouths when we used to put on mascara haha!) the patience that we made for ourselves was incredible. Knowing you've created your best work takes patience, effort, practice and a whole lot of focus to create amazing results. Knowing we have patience and the amazing outcome we have made by using that patience is so rewarding! Remember YOU'VE GOT THIS.

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