SunRay UV- Cure Adhesive


Embrace the future of eyelash extension technology with SunRay UV-Cured Eyelash Extension Adhesive. This cutting-edge product is designed for the discerning lash professional who demands both speed and performance. Our innovative UV-curing formula allows for an exceptionally quick set time under UV light, providing a secure, long-lasting bond that enhances lash retention dramatically.

Key Features:

- Ultra-Fast UV Curing: Achieve a solid cure within seconds, significantly speeding up the application process.
Extended Wear:Crafted for longevity, Sunray ensures that eyelash extensions hold beautifully for up to 8 weeks.
- Low Irritation Formula: Minimizes fumes, making it a prime choice for clients with sensitive eyes.
- Optimal Consistency:*The adhesive is neither too thick nor too runny, ensuring a smooth application for both individual and volume lashes.
- Resistant to Elements: Waterproof and resistant to sweat, suitable for clients leading active lifestyles.

SunRay UV-Cured Eyelash Extension Adhesive is the go-to choice for professionals looking to streamline their services without compromising on quality. Experience the perfect blend of durability and ease, and let your clients enjoy stunning, long-lasting eyelash extensions with SunRay.

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