Courageous • Micro-Gem


Our Micro-Gem Tweezers have a specially formulated coating giving you the ultimate grip. Never lose a lash again! From isolation, to fan making, to removing a lash extension these tweezers allow you to speed up your lash sets from beginning to end. No need to worry about finding the "sweet spot" on your tweezers again!

A few things this tweezer is incredible for:

  • Bounce (sticky dot)  Volume Method
  • Mega Volume Lashes 
  • Shimmy pick up methods
  • Classic application

Courageous - You face fear dead on and tell your ego in your head to go away and that YOU GOT THIS! You are braver, bolder and more daring than you will ever know. You have stepped out of your comfort zone to create something new. Do you know the majority of the population that actually live their dreams and go for it is only 4%!? You are a part of that 4%! Seeking your dream with a strong sense of courage, it is difficult, but an exquisite adventure that will bring so much love and joy within you. 

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