Cream Lash Remover


Feather Light Creme Lash Remover Is Every Woman's Best Friend!

Cream formula to remove unwanted lashes.  Gentle yet very effective in spot removal or in removing the entire set of lashes.  Clinically formulated to safely dissolve cyanoacrylate adhesives without damaging the natural lash. Acetone-free, nontoxic, and suitable for all skin types.

Thick removal cream stays on the lash preventing the remover from getting into the client's eyes.

To Use:  Apply Cream Remover with a flocked applicator or micro brush. Allow to sit approximately 5-10 minutes for adhesive to dissolve completely.  Wash thoroughly and rinse before reapplying extensions.  Do not apply to skin or allow contact with the eye.  

The viscosity is thicker so there is no chance of it running in the eye like a liquid or gel remover.  

Use a micro-brush or flock brush to help remove the lashes.

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