Lash Cleanser Bubbly Suds Wash


Clean lashes are essential to every client's lash application service and for aftercare at home regime.

Our Bubbly Suds Wash cleanser is a must-have in all lash artist kits and wearers of eyelash extensions to maintain healthy eye hygiene. 

Our cleanser has been Ophthalmologist tested and formulated to help prevent blepharitis, and other eye conditions when bacteria builds up. The cleansers levels out the PH balancing level when they are out of balance which keeps the retention on the lashes lasting longer with proper application. Aids in eye health and comfort.

This 50ml bottle must be mixed in with distilled water as per the ratio listed on our foam pump bottles. The tube will make 5 to 7 foam pump bottles.

Application Instructions:

Apply 1-2 pumps of foam cleanser onto the client's closed eyelid and clean with our cleansing brush working the bristle into the lash line. Clean the lashes and rinse with distilled water. Gentle dry the eyelid and lashes. Repeat if lashes aren't clean the first time.  Bubbly Suds Wash is gentle on the eyes. 


NOTE*** Please see the AFTERCARE kits that can be made for retail to clients in your Spa to purchase for home to keep their lashes clean and healthy.

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