Magical • Micro-Gem


Our Micro-Gem Tweezers have a specially formulated coating giving you the ultimate grip. Never lose a lash again! From isolation, to fan making, to removing a lash extension these tweezers allow you to speed up your lash sets from beginning to end. No need to worry about finding the "sweet spot" on your tweezers again!

A few things this tweezer is incredible for:

  • Bounce (sticky dot)  Volume Method
  • Mega Volume Lashes 
  • Shimmy pick up methods
  • Classic application

Magical  ✨ - When we look at the definition of Magical✨ we find... "beautiful or delightful in such a way to seem removed from everyday life." Magic is something we believe in as kids, mythical creatures, magic potions and superpowers. This is your reminder that without those beliefs, within yourself, and trusting that you are on the right path in life you would of never found your path to right here, right now. The world is always showing us how Magical ✨ it can be, you create magic within your Lash Sets, with the conversations you have with your clients, and the energy you bring to everyone around you. You are made of magic. Always remember this...

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