Moon Glow LED Light

Moon Glow LED Light is a revolutionary light that will allow you to see with ease, adding a chic and professional look to your Lash Room. 

Moon Glow spins 360 degrees to eliminate shadows from all angles. 

The sturdy base sits under your lash bed and gives you extra reinforcement to eliminate all tipping or falling over. No more tipsy tripod bases, that stick outside of your lash bed.

There are two turning knobs that allow you to adjust it to the perfect light setting to suit your Lash Room needs. You can adjust the light to extreme cool to an ultra-soft warm or an extra brilliant bright. 

Allow your room and your work to be transformed with the Moon Glow Light. We can't wait to see what lashes you can transform with the Moon Glow Light,
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Light Stand
AC adapter
Halo lamp (LED) 40w 2700K-5600K Adjustable Lighting Warm & Cool to brilliant 
Phone Clip (for media and photo)
**** NOTE: Weighs 22lbs so extra shipping is required

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