Student Lash Kit Essentials


All the essential product you'll need to make sure your students succeed!!

In your amazing student kit is....

5 - 16 row lash trays - 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm in all "C" curl

1- 16 row Mixed "D" curl mixed tray length from 8mm to 14mm

5ml O.M.F.G adhesive, cream remover, pre-treatment primer, foam pump bottle, rinse bottle, nano mister, blade less fan,  10 hydrogel pads, 5 cleaning brushes, grounding tape, straight tweezer, classic or volume pick up tweezer of choice, 50 mascara wands, 100 microfiber brushes, hydrometer. All jammed packed into this awesome black carrying case.

NOTE* All Lash Trays in the Classic kit will be .15 thickness, Volume kit will be .07 thickness*

**If you need a custom kit please contact us at

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